JumboErgo-alipainenostin tekee vaikeasti käsiteltävien tuotteidenkin käsittelystä yksinkertaista

Alipainenostin alumiinisella kääntöpuominostimella
JumboErgo 85 -alipainenostin liitettynä alumiiniseen kääntöpuominostimeen ergonomiseen pahvilaatikoiden käsittelyyn.
JumboErgo-alipainenostin helpottaa painavien, vaikeasti käsiteltävien tuotteiden käsittelyä pakkaus- ja toimitusalueella. Alipainenostin on suunniteltu modulaariseksi ja se voidaan liittää täydellisesti sovelluksen tarpeisiin. Alipainenostimella sekä tarttumis- että nostoprosessi suoritetaan alipaineen avulla. Kääntöpuominostimeen tai nostinjärjestelmään liitettynä alipainenostimella katetaan laaja työalue.

[Translate to Finnisch:] Logistic processes do normally not contribute to the economic added value of a company. Improvements in efficiency are possible and make work easier for employees.

Wanted: Efficient Solutions for Material Flow

Even unpacked cardboard boxes can be bulky due to the size and instability. Now adding the good, the package weight can easily increase up to 80 kg. Managing a high total volume by hand is contradicting efficiency and exposes the employees with a repeated and heavy physical burden. A rational and payable lifting equipment offers the specialist for vacuum technology Schmalz with the vacuum lifter of the Jumbo series.

With the Tube Lifter JumboErgo Heavy Cardboard Boxes are Handled Effortlessly

The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo has a modular design and can therefore be adapted to the individual requirements. The vacuum lifter JumboErgo 85 reliably absorbs, holds and easily moves work pieces up to 85 kg. With the tube lifter the lifting process is accomplished by evacuating the lifting hose. A special feature of the vacuum lifter is the ergonomic control element based on the gas handle of a motorbike. Operating the turning handle, the employee determines the direction of the movement (lifting respectively lowering the load) as well as the lifting speed.

To manage the different weights and forms of the work piece transported in logistic processes, the suction pad used on the tube lifter is modified to the accordant condition. The suction cup is the link between the vacuum lifting tool and the work piece and ensures a secure grip in any position. To generate sufficient holding forces, the tube lifter is equipped with a large double suction cup. These two suction pads can be moved steplessly, covering all current packing sizes. A second vacuum gripper with a slim suction plate is in charge of extra narrow cardboard boxes. This slim gripper is removable within seconds and without tools via an integrated quick change adapter.

The vacuum suction lifter JumboErgo is adapted to a column slewing crane with a four meters long aluminum jip. This offers a broad working area in order to transport cardboard boxes.

The handling of bulky packages can be performed by only one single person since with the tube lifter the load is moved and positioned very easily. The result of using the vacuum tube lifter: shipment logistics is more efficient and relieves employees of possible adverse health effects of the work. The latter even has a positive influence on employee motivation. Another advantage of the vacuum lifting system is to avoid transport damages and thereby reduces complaints.

Vacuum tube lifters JumboErgo

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