A Delicate Touch Has Everything Under Control

Plastic films, paper, wafers or glass - handling thin workpieces with delicate surfaces gently and safely requires a suction cup that can manipulate materials dynamically using high suction force yet still grips the material as gently as possible. With the new SFF/SFB1, Schmalz has developed a vacuum suction cup that is able to rise to this challenge.

The new series of flat suction cups and bellows suction cups SFF/SFB1 for dynamic handling of thin and delicate workpieces.

Thin and flexible packaging and workpieces are not easy to grip. The surface quickly becomes deformed or marks are left behind. Schmalz has embraced this challenge and constructed a new suction cup. The experts in vacuum technology have combined a soft sealing lip with a stabilizing support surface inside the suction cup. The honeycomb structure of the sealing lip and supporting element is also a new addition. This ensures optimum vacuum distribution and reliable component handling with high suction force — without damaging the sensitive workpieces.

Since the demands on the components differ according to the application, Schmalz supplies the SFF/SFB1 in various designs. Depending on the selected material, the suction cup is food safe, resistant to chemicals or suitable for high temperatures. Users can also choose from a range of diameters—between ten and 40 millimeters—and designs: The flat suction cup SFF is particularly suitable for securing flat workpieces such as paper packaging or fragile objects such as wafers or display glass. The bellows suction cup SFB1 with 1.5 folds provides optimal compensation for height differences, for example in coffee capsules or blister packs.


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