More Safety During Machine Loading

Schmalz’s slewing angle limiter allows the workspaces of jib cranes to be activated or restricted. Thanks to new process monitoring, the higher-level control can query the position of the jib and start or disable processing steps accordingly.

The new slewing angle limiter with process monitoring provides more safety while loading machine tools.

The aluminum jib cranes by J. Schmalz GmbH feature optimal low-friction operation, which increases the ergonomics and efficiency of the flow of materials and goods within a company. Plus, they feature maximum flexibility. Thanks to the modular system, users can individually select the jib length, travel path and lift capacity, as well as the correct vacuum handling system or chain hoist. The comprehensive range of accessories now includes a slewing angle limiter with process monitoring, which helps prevent costly collisions between the vacuum handling system attached to the swivel arm and the machining center.

In addition to the existing slewing angle limiter, the new product includes a position switch with up to six detection sheets that activate process monitoring. The quantity of the detection sheets determines the swivel range, which is between zero and 100 degrees per side. The step size is 30 degrees if one side is activated, and 15 degrees if both sides are activated. The two-channel switch with roller lever is mounted on the side of the jib.

The control of the surrounding system communicates with the position regulator to activate specific travel paths or to disable a defined area. To do so, it reads the position of the jib via an electrical signal. Schmalz thus supports safety concepts in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Process monitoring can be adapted for all of Schmalz’s standard aluminum jibs with crane bracing.


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