Schmalz at the K Trade Fair: Gripping plastics the right way

When the K trade fair opens its doors from October 16 – 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the focus will be on topics relating to innovative production processes and new developments in the plastics and rubber industry. In hall 9, booth EO4, J. Schmalz GmbH will be presenting new solutions for automated and manual vacuum handling for a range of plastic workpieces.

Suction cup SUF for fast pick-and-place applications involving workpieces with smooth surfaces.

To help with the handling of freeform plastic and composite workpieces of all shapes and sizes – in pick-and-place, packaging and logistics applications, for example – Schmalz will be exhibiting its new, lightweight gripping system, the SLG. The user configures the SLG on a digital platform developed by Schmalz in partnership with trinckle 3D GmbH. In addition to the workpiece itself, the user can also specify the number, diameter and type of suction cups to use and set up automatic positioning for the position and angle of the suction points or cups. Finally, they can select the appropriate flange insert and the vacuum generation required. In addition to this web-based design system, Schmalz also relies on additive manufacturing processes. These enable the company to produce lightweight, reliable, sturdy grippers that are tailored to suit specific areas of application.

Schmalz will also be exhibiting other solutions for automated plastics handling at the show. One new addition to the company’s portfolio is the new SUF suction cup. This new model is highly wear resistant and compact, and has a low volume and a friction structure that allow for optimized shear force absorption and fast cycle times – perfect for handling smooth workpieces, for example. The SUF suction cup is available in a number of different materials in order to bring out the properties required for different applications, such as different levels of temperature and chemical resistance, conductivity and the ability to handle workpieces without leaving many marks. They are available in diameters of 1 to 100 millimeters, and can thus cater to a wide range of workpieces.

Schmalz will also be using the K trade fair to present new vacuum generation products. The SCTSi compact terminal – a compact unit comprising several vacuum generators for simultaneous, independent handling of different workpieces using a single vacuum system is being given a functional expansion: IO-Link master modules and DI modules can now be added to the existing variants with IO-Link and Ethernet interfaces. The IO-Link master modules allow the user to connect other intelligent field devices that have IO-Link to the central terminal so that they can communicate with the main controller without the need for an external device. The DI modules enable the user to connect other digital field devices such as sensors to this controller.

In addition to this, Schmalz will also be presenting Vacuum tube lifters for ergonomic lifting, carrying and setting down of crates, jugs, balls and bags. Combining the JumboErgo 110 tube lifter with the PSE pneumatic swiveling unit makes it easier to lift and swivel large, heavy plastic sheets. The low-stacking variant of the Jumbo family is especially well-suited to gripping tasks close to the ground.

The vacuum expert’s aluminum crane systems are optimized for this purpose, and are easier to move around than the equivalent steel solutions. This enables users to handle even heavy loads ergonomically. In addition to a conventional jib, the booth in Düsseldorf will also be used to exhibit a flat jib and a gantry crane. All of these models are part of a modular system and can thus be used for almost any in-house handling or logistics process. The nominal load of the tube lifter or vacuum lifting device can be optimized to suit the application at hand.

Schmalz at the K Trade Fair: Hall 9. Booth E04


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